Laff Kids on-line store is a great destination for all things kids from birth to 10 years. We stock a strong mix of distinctive, quality products and brands, and are constantly growing and refining our ranges of clothes, shoes, toys, gifts and hats.

We do have a real shop as well, located in Fore Street, St Ives’ most picturesque shopping street. Our shop which is also called Laff Kids Clothes is the home of a unique blend of boutique designer clothes brands such as Kite, Piccallily, Batela, Sarah Louis and Lego Wear to name a few. We also stock Merry Berries hats, inch Blue Shoes as well as DocMartin shoes, BoBo Buddies and GUND soft toys. Our shop is packed full of lovely things for kids and whether you are a parent, a grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend or just a big kid, we are sure to have something to make your eyes sparkle.